Moving on up, or is it?

You know third year is really taking its toll when you start reflecting on your life over the past four years, scrutinising over whether every decision was a good one. This evening I found myself to be extremely pleased with my decisions regarding living companions.

Besides myself, I don’t know a student who lives with less than 4 people. This now seems like a ridiculously high amount. In the past I’ve lived with my parents and sister (total: 4), boyfriend (total: 2), flatmates (total: 5), alone (total: 1) and back with the boyfriend, (now fiancé) again (total: 2).

I think at their own given times I’ve loved every one of these living situations, but if I’m honest and a tad selfish, sometimes the most relaxing evenings were spent on my own. Tonight I’ve had a reminder of that. I’ve enjoyed a rare night home alone and after finding a bottle of expensive bubble bath I thought had already been devoured I headed straight for the bathroom.

15 years later, I'm sure Kevin would have loved it

I’ll paint a quick scene: bath, bubbles (lots of), Classic FM, a bar of Galaxy Caramel, and an empty house. I’d ideally add ‘a book’, preferably one by Scarlett Thomas or Luce Irigaray, but I have absolutely no idea how anyone reads in the bath without destroying their books or sitting awkwardly (please forward relevant advice).

Anyway, it was pretty much perfection, and then I started thinking about how long it had been since I’d had the chance to relax so utterly alone and content; and that’s living with one other person. Can you imagine finding the chance to do that with 4 other people in the house, all alternately banging on the door, demanding use of the toilet or playing music in the next (very thinly walled) room? I couldn’t, and it was that that made me glad I’d chosen to live the way I have done.

There was previously some debate regarding whether or not I should spend my final couple of years living with others, in fear of not ‘maximising the student experience’, but when the choice ultimately comes down to time alone, there isn’t a single other factor that contends. But what if this ideal then becomes challenged?

Applying to jobs all around the country, and one rather large city in particular, means the possibility of having to give all of thisup. I’m planning an investigation soon into the politics of living with others as a, dare I say it, professional. I’ll be meeting current cohabiting individuals and digging deep for the real stories ultimately unveiling the truths of how wise this is from a personal and financial point of view.

Stay tuned.


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