My final week as a student: Thursday

Well Thursday was just about as fun as prison. By that I mean that I spent most of it confined within the same four walls. For my last seminar on Environmental Culture we’ve been assigned a reading to finish off the core textbook. There were 170 pages left. Needless to say, it took a while.

I knew this and cleverly gave myself an extra head start by getting stuck in on Wednesday night. It got to about 1am when I remembered I was at work this morning and was going to get a maximum of five hours sleep (but for the last time! Well, the last time for this reason, at least).

Luckily work had been fairly quiet and allowed me to leave an hour early to get back to combating the longest short textbook ever written. (The Logic of Environmentalism: Anthropology, Ecology and Postcoloniality by Vassos Argyrou if you’re interested) Read it and you’ll know exactly what I mean regarding the contradicting length.

Unfortunately for you, the reader, Thursday was probably a safe bet to label ‘dullest day of the week’. Considering this, I’m thinking it shouldn’t be lasting as long as it is (typing this at 1.30am on Friday after having been up since sunrise), but perhaps the clue to the dullness is in the time spent at this desk. I’m thinking I may celebrate the end of my degree with a desk-smashing ritual, feel free to join in spirit. Next, the big F.


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