My final week as a student: Wednesday

Ah Wednesday. It sits right in the middle of the week not quite knowing whether it’s at the beginning or the end. It’s never good. I’m not at work or have any lectures so what should in theory be a free day to work on the dissertation always turns out to have something crop up at an annoying middle point of the afternoon, rendering a deep dive into the fourth floor of the library’s silent study floor less meaningful.

Today’s mishap event was the Hullfire photo shoot. This time last year the same thing took place to show the students of Hull the stunning team that had been selected to run the university’s newspaper. It took about four hours, 200 photos and we ended up using the worst of the lot. It’s safe to say nobody was expecting this to be a quick job. It wasn’t, but in fairness it was a LOT quicker than last year. We used only one location, changed position less times than you could count on your hands and were done and tormenting the new ‘us’ half an hour later.

There was the classic Hullfire attempt to be subtly arty by positioning the new editors in the same positions and stances as the old ones for their shoot, the only difference being the look of awkwardness of a team of people who have yet to get to know each other by passing around proofreading deadlines at 3am via Facebook chat. Then something really strange happened: we didn’t go to the pub.

I think the fear has really set in now just how close end of year deadlines are and how most of us still have in excess of 20,000 words to write. With this in mind, and despite a bit of wavering we eventually all wandered off to do some proactive procrastination. I did mine by writing an article on travelling Austin instead of an essay, but it could have been a worse use of time, I should normally have been in the union’s beer garden. On to Thursday.


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