My final week as a student: Finale Friday

So Friday arrived and marked the sad end of my week. It hasn’t felt quite as ‘final’ as I imagined, probably because I still have 18,000 words to write in essays and a dissertation. But still, I now officially have finished my education; no more lectures, no more after-lecture lunches, zilch. Just pure study from now until the end of May.

As for kick starting the final day of the week, there’s not much that can give you a wake up call better than an ice-cold shower. What I thought was starting off as the worst possible morning began with discovering the electricity had gone off and therefore no heat was going through the house’s water. I’d been doing a bit of note-making in the morning and had left getting a shower semi-last minute. Realising I had roughly an hour before I had to be at uni I jumped in the car with my towel and hairdryer to head to my parents house on the other side of the city and promptly hit the worst traffic I’ve seen midday for a long time.

A bit of panic and a decision to turn around and face the cold shower at home later and I was left with a reminder of my blonde roots: I may have been brave enough to wash my hair without warm water, but it was now soaking wet and my hairdryer wouldn’t work. I had 30 minutes until I had to set off. It was lucky today turned out to be a pretty hot day and I spent the last few minutes at home in the garden frantically urging the sun to do it’s thing a bit quicker and dry my hair au naturale. It wasn’t completely dry by the time I got to uni but I think I just about got away with it. By this, I mean nobody mentioned it to me, but that could just be a judgement not to on their part.

The final day of lectures couldn’t really have finished in a better way, though. First off was my favourite lecture of the term (it competes well as favourite module of the course too, but there’s been so many good ones it only makes the top three, being Power, Politics and Gender in the Americas, Poverty and Gender, and this one, Environment, Culture and Society. Damn, there’s the TV Narrative one too, let’s just say there weren’t many bad modules).

You know a good start to a lecture begins when the lecturer brings homemade flapjack for the class, reminding me of my first impression of this lecturer; I truly believe she competes with Superwoman. In her own words she described how one morning before our lecture she somehow re-read the seminar text, listened to a discussion on a related topic on Radio4, drew pictures with her young child and had breakfast. All at once. In addition to this she juggles lecturing us lot and makes handmade jewellery as a hobby. Anyone who says women can’t multitask; give up your argument now.

But on with Friday. I knew today’s lectures were going to be fantastic last night when I heard that a lecturer I had last year for my TV Narrative module (who also inspired me to do the dissertation I’m doing) was returning to the university to give a guest lecture. The lecture may not have been for any of the modules I’m taking, but that didn’t stop me attending. I managed to hunt him down for a chat before the lecture too, giving me chance to fill him in on my dissertation choice. There aren’t that many people who will enthuse with me in person over the topic, so it was definitely refreshing to get a new perspective on it, especially from someone who’s written a book on the topic.

The lecture ended with an open discussion on the works of Joss Whedon, reminding me of the upside to finishing university and having more time to invest in some catching up time with TV shows I’ve wanted to see for some time. As all lectures and grand finales should end, though, we were bid farewell with the best advice I’ve heard from a film lecturer: “Enjoy Easter, and don’t watch Twilight!”


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