Easter Sunday? For me, Lent starts here

Today may be the day that marks Lent as being over and allows self-inflicted bans on chocolate, caffeine and alcohol to be lifted for the sake of a religious festival everyone celebrates by taking photos of chickens and rabbits, but for me it has marked the start of a new banning season.

Good Friday was my birthday, and the long weekend meant a long weekend of celebrating, or in other words, not getting much work done. It is now one month and two days until my final essay deadline at university, and that’s the final one, there’s another essay and a dissertation due before that. Due to this, and the extended weekend of celebrations, I’m assigning a ban on going out until 25th May.

For obvious reasons I’ll define going out: I may leave the house whenever necessary, but in these terms, going out means leaving the house to socialise in a venue which serves alcohol, with other people for any length of time. I may have added the ‘with other people’ part in a subconscious effort to still allow myself to drink alone if things get really desperate, but I don’t plan on letting that happen, not in public anyway.

So here goes; not quite forty days, but over a month for sure, these next few weeks will test my patience as well as the comfort of my office chair. If you’d like to be supportive of me, or are in a similar academic position yourself, do me a favour and don’t ask me to go to the pub. Then do me a second favour and ask me to go to the pub the second the clock strikes midnight on 25th May. If I run we could catch last orders.


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