A New Direction

When I began this blog I named it ‘The Life of a Final Year Student’, and used this title to illustrate many posts featured here. From freshers’ week parties to overnight essays, this blog has recorded a few memories over the past year, but now it’s time for a change. I’ve completed my degree, and aside from awaiting my results and graduation, my student days are behind me. Due to this, my blog needs a new focus.

Over the next 12 months I’ll be trying to gain professional experience, practice my writing (and hey, maybe even give publishing a shot), committing some time to volunteering and travelling the globe. It’s almost a final gap year – once I’ve returned from Australia and Asia next April I’ll be eager to start a career, but for now it’s one last chance to have some fun and explore my creativity.

This blog will host a variety of topics – some new features and some traditional ones. I’ll continue reviewing books, films and some TV, but I’ll also begin to feature some posts reflecting the type of career I aim to establish. I hope to work in PR next year, so with this in mind I’ll begin to look out for interesting stories that catch my eye and deserve a mention, and of course tell you why while doing so. No doubt I’ll record my adventures abroad too, so be on the look out for an increasing interest in the East.

Don’t forget, if micro-blogging is more your thing you can catch me on Twitter @lauramsmith.


2 thoughts on “A New Direction”

  1. I’ve been following you on twitter and in a weird way, it’s been enjoyable reading your tweets regarding your dissertation. I went through that but never had twitter as some sort of outlet.

    All the best for your PR future!

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