‘Prince Charles? He’s a good laugh really, isn’t he?’

The Queen’s speech only lasted a mere 15 minutes? She didn’t promise to single-handedly fix the economy by selling her horses? How terrible. Word is she wants to throw a big party this summer too. Better get the family some good PR.

Public relations in 2012, and much of the few previous years too, lives off Internet sensations, so it was only a matter of time someone had a quick word in the ear of the member of the royal family we like to laugh at most. The thing is, it worked. Really well. Prince Charles appearing as a BBC weather presenter, mocking the scriptwriter and having a good old bit of banter about the British weather ensured him the prize of being laughed along with and not at, and the British public suddenly claiming ‘Oh we love the royal family really!’.

What The Guardian is calling an expansion of the Prince’s CV has actually had thousands of people streaming, sharing, liking and commenting on the unlikely YouTube star. The Queen is being prepped for her guest slot as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent as we speak. The show is for her, after all. 

In a year set to be ‘properly British’ – London has just been named the world’s top city for tourism (convenient), The Queen is set to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee and no doubt we’ll have record temperatures one way or the other – the royal family could certainly do with a helping PR hand.

All the events set for Britain this summer reverberate with the sound of money being spent, right at the time when the country doesn’t have any, and has just announced this officially for the second time since newspapers invented the term ‘credit crunch’.

At a time when people are losing jobs, struggling to pay bills and generally being quite annoyed by those spending money rather extravagantly, a unified love for those who the money is being spent on is fairly vital. ‘His tour cost how much?! Oh but he did make us laugh while we were having dinner that night. He even made a joke, he must be just like us! Oh, let them have a party then in that case’.

A spokesperson from Charles’s home claimed him to be very interested in the weather. Well, of course he is, he’s British. All of this ‘playing down’ of the royal family’s rich status is part of my favourite PR stunt I’ve seen this year. It got my attention, it made me laugh, and it made me like Prince Charles more – it worked perfectly in other words.

As long as we don’t see Prince Phillip presenting his own show of Best One Liners To Say To Inappropriate People, I’d love to see more of this type of PR.

The clip of Prince Charles’s immaculate presenting skills can be seen here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/may/10/charles-prince-weather-forecaster-bbc


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