Summoned to stereotypes – by a donut

I saw a jokey feminist sketch online recently, illustrating the issue some women find irritating regarding favourite colour. In a rough drawing, it showed the common assumption that all women find pink their most favourable shade of the rainbow, illustrated by a girl choosing a product in a shop and picking out the pink version of whatever she was buying. The quote read ‘this is not the problem with feminism’, followed by the same drawing where all the girl had to choose from were numerous different shades of pink, accompanied by the rest of the quote, ‘this is’.

I was discussing this with a friend while shopping (another stereotype to add to the picture) and we both talked about how we don’t actually think pink is that favourable to girls anymore. Sure, it is still heavily used in gendered children’s clothing, but how many grown women (amongst those that have a favourite colour) would choose pink products based on their colour?

Feminism relates to a whole host of topics, far beyond the trivialities of colour preference, and so we moved on to related areas within the F word subject area: development issues, pay gaps, family roles, etc. The list went on, so much so that we decided to take a break at the recently opened Krispy Kreme branch (to which I had not yet visited and had been anticipating doing). We queued up to order and donuts soon began replacing political issues in my mind like a consuming wave of sugar. “Oh my God”, I said to my friend, “look at that one, it’s pink AND glittery!”, to which the men in front of us glanced over and conveyed a look which roughly translated to ‘huh, typical woman’.

A political discussion finished with a strawberry glaze donut, chosen almost entirely as a result of its appearance. The image of feminism?


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