Etsy: there is some Internet magic left after all

So, Etsy, yeah? Alright, I’m late to the game. Like, so late the game has ended and fans are tweeting the result while I’m trying to avoid spoilers. I found Etsy last week, and I think it’s fab.

It was a final push from India Knight in her book which I reviewed in my last post that did it. I’d heard the name thrown around but the only description I’d really heard was not all that accurate to say the least. Someone told me, and I don’t remember who, that it was a site for teenage goth girls to post photos of their boyfriends wearing accessories they had made for them. Well, the accessory bit was right at least.

India Knight put me right and I found my mum’s birthday present within about 20 minutes, compared to the three hours I’d spent wandering around the city centre the week before to no avail.

Not only did I find that, but a mental shopping list quickly created itself. There were rings that were based on designs that I love but could never afford – but now I can, and most importantly, there were results that came up when I searched for absolute specifics; something Google has somehow failed me on previously.

Of course, I didn’t come across this recommendation in a thrift book encouraging me to shop. Etsy (for those that don’t know, and please let there be someone besides me) is a two-way market, allowing you to sell your own creations, whether they are one offs or something you’ve almost mass produced. Emphasis on the almost. We don’t want any ‘She got that from Etsy, it’s the same as mine!’ claims surfacing anytime soon.

As a teensy bit of a crafter, I’ve got plenty of odd pieces of jewellery that I’ve made but would never wear, purely because they were fun to make but not always my sort of thing. But they must be somebody’s, right?

How about you: how do you use Etsy? Purely buy, purely sell, a mix of both? What recommendations would you give?


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