Was premature fashion right all along?

Ned Stark was right. Winter IS coming. I knew I should have taken A Game of Thrones more seriously.

From subtle hints such as spotting the occasional pair of tights teamed with summer shorts to the harsh and blunt realities of condensation on the bedroom window this morning, I’m going to go out there and claim that summer has made a rather abrupt exit. Maybe we should have taken Asda’s August Christmas grottos as a hint too.

Each year we claim that the retail industry is introducing winter earlier. When I worked at a shoe shop during my A levels I was always surprised to find knee high leather boots in stock when the shoppers were still in flip flops outside. People would claim it was ridiculous, but maybe it wasn’t.

This theory is only going to work with summer merging into autumn, and definitely not winter into spring, but maybe we should follow the fashion industry’s advice. Rather than doing the usual trick of clinging onto the floral prints of our summer dresses purely because the calendar states it is August, we should follow what is in the shops, even if it appears to be months too early.

Yesterday, while walking home from work (in a floral dress and insufficient extra layers)I considered how perfect the weather was for a smart autumn coat and cotton scarf. Maybe a nice pair of boots. Maybe gloves too. OK, I’ll hold off on the gloves. For now. Would it look too out of place when it was only a few days ago I was sat in a tshirt on the beach, ice cream in hand? Frankly, I don’t care. I’m not that into fashion. But I’m not so confident that I could be a trend setter either.

Fashion is a bit like painting your cream room dark purple. Once you’ve got the autumn outfit out in public you can’t revert to shorts and sandals that easily.

Then again, there is plan B: embrace the cold until work is over and then fly to the other side of the world and start summer all over again. It worked last year, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try my luck for a second time.


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