Tinted mascara – back to the ’90s?

There are some trends that come and go when we’re teenagers, and some of them definitely deserve to go. But how are we supposed to react when they make a sudden reappearance in our adult lives?

When leggings came back a few years ago, they received mixed reviews. I may have last sported them under a purple leotard bearing a teddy motif on the front in gymnastics, but that didn’t mean they didn’t become well-loved this time around and essential to everyday outfits. Something that is proving a tad more controversial, however, is tinted mascara.blue mascara

Back in the 1990s, when Geri Halliwell was my nemesis and I was deciding whether or not to drastically modify the Spice Girl posters on my walls, I owned two tinted mascaras. I say tinted, they were hideously and fiercely coloured. The first was a shade I like to call ‘90s blue. It was the colour of every mum’s eyeshadow, fairly dried out and probably passed down from a bored cousin. The second was neon pink. Enough said about that one.

The thing everyone seems to mention with risky fashion is confidence. If you have it, you can pull it off. Not this time, Mizz magazine. Not only would you need confidence, you also need a dark complexion. Applying light blue or bright pink mascara to blonde eyelashes will only leave you looking like a Barbie in the rubbish bin of the experimental toy projects office.

So, is there any room for improvement this time around? It seems so. With age comes maturity…mostly. And with maturity comes better suggestions. Light/bright colours definitely did not work last time, on anyone if I’m honest. Colour is always a bit risky on things like eyelashes, so subtlety should be key. Forget the bright colours of the ‘90s and go for an early autumn/winter image and opt for dark blues, greens, purples and reds.

I read a pretty good tip the other day that said to start off with, or just for a slight bit of colour, apply a regular black mascara to the roots of your eyelashes and use it here to build the volume that you usually go for. Try and leave the tips without much of a coat then revisit with the coloured mascara from the middle of the lash to the tip. Voila! You have a touch of adult-looking colour, perfect for noticing occasionally, which you can build up with more colour depending on the occasion.

Alternatively, you can get used to a bit of colour with black mascara and coloured eyeliner for a subtler look. I quite like the Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner in teal, though beware, it does stain a little and can be tough to bring off – don’t wear it on a work night!


4 thoughts on “Tinted mascara – back to the ’90s?”

  1. I’ve done the dark lashes with colored tips and it looks really cool. Plus, it’s a major improvement on the totally blue or green looks some people try (poorly).

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