Autumn fashion for university – be a leaf*

*Autumn leaves are all different, and your wardrobe should be too.

Autumn is generally my favourite time of year for fashion. The colours are dark and suit me much more than summer pastels and whites, and creating five outfits out of one with various layers is great for the varying temperatures.

With autumn comes the new academic year and a new influx of students desperate to fit in, and therefore copy each other’s every move. Unfortunately for most this means a staple wardrobe of Jack Wills sweatpants, Hollister hoodies and UGG boots. I’ll save my rant on UGG boots for another time, all that really needs saying about them is ‘why?’ when UGG may as well read UGGly and they make every girl’s feet look like they belong to a yeti in unanimous form. In general though, it’s a bad look. I’m not sure where the university image of casual gym wear came from, though it possibly evolved from those confident and stupid enough to wear pyjamas to 9am lectures. (To those who do this, you may think you look all challenging to society at 9am, but when you leave the lecture three hours later and walk onto a campus full of people meeting for lunch, you’ll regret it. Do us all a favour and either get dressed or stay in bed.)

University is about expressing yourself as an individual. You may be away from home for the first time and can dress and act however you like. Do you really want to use that opportunity to look like everyone else? Plus, JW sweatpants may be ‘cool’ and expensive, and therefore directly related to cool, but they are not flattering in any way, shape or form. Because they have no shape or form.

So take advantage of the knitted jumpers and everything with owls on this year, especially when we have wonders such as Etsy and the like to ensure we don’t all turn up in the same outfit, and use these to create a look which isn’t a carbon copy of the student sat next to you in your first lecture this month.

Oh, and one other tip for freshers: it might seem like it at first, but university doesn’t have to be a constant fashion show. If you wear your best new outfits for seminars, half of it will be unseen under a table and you’ll have nothing to wear on nights out.


1 thought on “Autumn fashion for university – be a leaf*”

  1. Couldn’t agree with this post more. I feel privaledged to be at a University so close to London, and with so many international students. There is so much inspiration available it’s like walking through a Vogue magazine! No excuses for pyjama-lectures. Thanks for swinging by my blog, I hope you enjoyed yourself. Loving the vibe on yours x

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