The best fashion buy you’ll find this season

Students and cash-strapped people alike, autumn is here. As much as I hate the dreary weather and all its freezing charms, it is undeniable that fashion is simply much better at this time of year than in the vest and shorts season.

If, like me, you need an autumn wardrobe update, you might be wondering what the most efficient way of shopping is. As someone with very little funds at the moment, I was on the lookout for a few reasonably priced items that will see me through until next spring, and have a natural timeless look to them. As a rule, I avoid fashion that has an air of ‘this season only’ about it. I haven’t bought anything featuring loud patterns or other features that scream ‘sales rack’ in a few month’s time. They’re a waste of money, and it’s easy to shop around for fashionable staple items that you’ll be able to wear without worrying if they’re still in or not.

I went to the Next sale this week, and as is the case with all two day sales, they sell off the rubbish stuff that it’s too cold to wear anymore, then invite you deeper into the shop to see all the lovely new stuff they have in. Hats off to you, Next, you did well.

As soon as I saw this long, navy knitted jumper I knew it would be a great buy. It’s casual but would look great dressed up with leggings and nice boots too, is the warmest thing I now own and I’d wear it everyday if I could.

So if a lack of cash is combined with a need for warm clothes this month, this jumper is my recommended buy. At £35 it’s not the cheapest thing you’ll find, but it does feel really good quality and is bound to last years.


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