Leave Kate Middleton’s feet alone. Yes, that’s right, I said feet.

Kate Middleton may be able to feel that the UK press is on her side as far as nude photos are concerned, but like any girl will find in life, people can be as nice as pie to you one day, but quite happy to bitch, bitch, bitch the next.

As a nation we have decided to leave Kate’s upper half well alone, but when it comes to her feet, it seems we are more than happy to pile on the insults.

This weekend The Times magazine featured a double page spread on Kate Middleton’s ‘boring’ choice of shoe. It wasn’t a particularly new feature; it’s one that has seen the rounds a few times now.

Renowned for her dress sense and much praised outfit choices, the recently suppressed high street in Kate’s wardrobe
can’t be hidden for long, it seems. She has worn the same pair of nude LK Bennett court shoes with so many outfits in public now that even the media has lost count. A Marks and Spencer version of the shoes apparently now sells every two minutes. Money obviously isn’t an issue, and neither is stylistic choices, so the repeated wear of the same pair of shoes (or various pairs of the same pair, as I imagine is the case, given the colour and that they always look in perfect condition) can surely only come down to the only reason girls wear shoes over and over for: utter, blissful comfort.

I have experienced the same thing myself, only I can pull it off much better than Kate Middleton because I don’t have the world’s media following my every footstep. My feet are odd sizes, so when I find a pair of shoes that fit well I will wear them to their death. Two pairs of shoes have suffered this fate in my lifetime. The first was a pair of gold patterned ballet pumps from RiverIsland, that proved comfortable enough to wear past the point of having a sole on the bottom of the right foot. My mum eventually threw them out without telling me one day – a sin she is still not forgiven for. The second pair also came from RiverIsland (they really did great shoes back in the day). They were a simple pair of open toe black courts with a cute ankle strap, or at least were until I wore them for some after-work drinks one night and consumed enough wine to tear the ankle strap from the shoe with the force of my mighty girlpower stride. They still sit in their box in my bedroom today, in the hope that somewhere, someday, a cobbler will say they can repair it and I can stride around with maximum comfort and timeless style once more.

So without further distraction and shoe-related nostalgia, I’m going to stick up for Kate Middleton. She could go out and purchase the same shoe in the various colours LK Bennett have now brought out in the hope that she wishes to do so, but why bother when you love one pair so much? I think it is a subtle reminder that Kate wasn’t born royal, and appreciates a good find as much as any other normal girl when she gets her feet in one.

What do you think – should she carry on flaunting the overdone shoes, or give them up and start expanding her princess collection at last?


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