The concise traveller: make up

If my Twitter and Facebook feeds are anything to go by lately, it’s a popular time of year for long weekends away and spontaneous holidays as the weather gets colder here in England.

I’ve been wondering how I can still blog about travel while I don’t have any immediate plans to go anywhere, and haven’t been for a while, but seeing as I’ve been concentrating more on fashion and beauty lately, I thought I’d combine the two to bring you a mini guide on how to travel light when considering what make up to take with you on holiday.

Whenever I go anywhere I like to travel light. Whether that’s trekking around South East Asia with just a backpack for three months, or taking an overnight bag to Paris for a long weekend. I don’t see the point in carrying around a load of stuff that ends up sitting unused at the bottom of your bag. So here’s my essential guide to taking the essentials away with you:

Mascara: I use a Collection2000 XXL lengthening mascara, though the type you use depends on the look you like to go for. It’s all about length for me. This does mean the packaging is always nice and slim, though I recommend taking a waterproof version, or even better, a clear mascara to put over tinted eyelashes. This means you don’t have to worry about any spontaneous dives into the pool or sea while still looking great.

As a rule, mascara is the product I would take away with me if I was only going to use one make up product during a trip. Warm weather inspires the au natural look!

Concealer: Garnier eye roll on with tint. Although this product is only described as being for the eyes, and more of a beauty product than solid make up, it has really good coverage and its light consistency makes it nice to wear in hot weather.

Face powder: This (almost empty) Rimmel product here but a light and simple coverage is all you need without going for the full made-up look.

Bronzer: Another one from Collection2000. It may be a cheap brand but I generally find their products to be good quality, and this bronzer never looks too heavy or dark, instead it subtly helps the tanned faced look you’re after (and if like me, probably aren’t getting the natural way).

Lip gloss: Finally, a different make up brand. I’ve been using this lipgloss from 17 for probably around ten years now. I just buy it again as soon as it runs out as it’s such a great neutral colour with a tiny bit of sparkle, making it perfect for both day and night. I rarely bother with lipgloss if I’m travelling and not on a more luxurious break, but it’s a lovely simple colour for adding a bit of subtle glam to a night out if you’ve been used to wearing grubby shorts for weeks.

Eyeliner: Personally, I’d always go for a pencil unless I want to do the upper lid too, but liquid eyeliners last much longer and don’t need retouching as much in hotter countries. I bought this liquid eyeliner from MAC over a year ago and it still hasn’t run out. The tip of the pen is quite soft, and other, cheaper brands have offered a harder tip which is better for precision, but it was still a great buy in terms of colour intensity and wearability.

Eyeshadow: I would usually take just one (yes, one!) shade of pale gold. Rimmel do a really nice cream shadow that’s great to apply with just your fingers, so there’s no need to take any bulky brushes to apply it with. I prefer creams for this reason, but powder shadows can be better in the heat. I’d recommend any neutral shade you can match up with your lipgloss and it will go with pretty much any outfit you throw together.

And if you absolutely must:

Foundation: I don’t think I have ever worn foundation abroad before, but then again, I have never travelled to a cold country, or in winter, when I’d be much more inclined to take one. At the moment I’m using Maybelline’s mousse foundation in nude. It’s easy to apply just a light coverage if that’s all you want, but can be built up nicely without feeling too heavy or layered on your skin. If in doubt, leave at home, it’s almost always the bulkiest item and if it comes in a glass container it just risks being smashed.

So there you go – a very concise way of travelling and ensuring you still look fresh-faced and ready for anything that comes your way, whether that be a hurtling wave ready to throw you off your surfboard, or sipping cocktails in a glam bar somewhere exotic. Can you beat my minimal packing with even fewer items?


3 thoughts on “The concise traveller: make up”

  1. I see all these beautiful young girls who have impecable eye liner on and would love to know how DO they do that? I’ve tried for years and still look like it’s applied by an eight year old! Any secrets to that application? Other than that I’m not bad for an old lady! We also travel and I thank you for the affordable cosmetic suggestions, thatnks!

    1. Thanks for the comment Ellie. I generally find the best way is to use a pencil on the lower lid and liquid eyeliner on the upper. Liquid eyeliner is harder to draw on precisely but practice makes perfect. I know someone who once covered their upper lid then used make-up remover on a Q-tip to remove some to leave a perfectly smooth line! I’ll create a tutorial for one of my next posts, thanks for reading and for the suggestion!

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