Mix and match wardrobe = voila, new wardrobe!

I bought a very summery dress earlier in the year and didn’t think for a minute I’d be able to pull off wearing it this season. It’s made from light cotton and has a floral and paisley print in fairly summery colours, so it was fairly securely stored away at the back of the wardrobe for its hibernation. And then I saw someone else wearing it this week, and doing so very well.

It reminded me that layering is the best thing you can do both in autumn and to create a new look out of old clothes. I copied the look this evening and am going to invest in more accessories to do this with other dresses too.

The girl I saw had accompanied the dress with black tights and ballet pumps, though I went for some brogue-like shoes with mine for a more seasoned effect. The autumn look was completed with a pale shirt worn open over the top of the dress, with a skinny belt at waist height. I think a pale denim shirt would look great but I went for a pale blue striped A&F shirt.

While I tried to find an image of this look online (seeing as I’d already changed into the not so glam pyjamas for the night when writing this), it seemed like this order of clothes is a big hit at the moment, if the number of people wearing variants of this outfit is anything to go by.

And that’s the great thing about these items of clothes. You could wear the same clothes items every day, varying the individual pieces as you go along, and create a completely new look every time without anyone noticing you’re going for the same format. It’s a great casual look which is super easy to dress up for a quick night time transformation, and suits just about any occasion. Go and grab a few shirts and dresses now and think of all the mixing and matching you can do!


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