Having money is great, having time is better

I’ve read a lot of contemplative blog posts lately; short musings on life and the things going on around people, and they provide great little reminders that we can enjoy blogs on simple thoughts and reflections as well as more in depth posts about a specific topic.

With this in mind, I’ve been thinking about my work. I had a job I loved at the university working in web editing, and I was pretty devastated when my temporary contract came to an end. Since then I’ve gone back to a job I did last year as a disability support worker where I basically attend lectures with disabled students and take their notes for them. It’s not the most challenging work, but I really enjoy it. I get to learn new topics and get paid for it, and the hours leave me free to do a lot of my own things too.

It can be a bit stressful financially knowing that I’m only working part time, but I’ve weighed up the pros and cons and I think this job suits me more. I have enough of an income to cover my rent, and I have the free time to concentrate on my writing, which is something I really want to dedicate myself too.

Enjoying the simple things: the sunrise on Koh Phangan, Thailand

I started work on a novel recently, one which I had the idea for over a year ago, so it shows how much a career-type working life can stop you doing so many other things. I’ve always been of the opinion that a career isn’t everything, and don’t like it when people have no time at all to dedicate to their personal interests, so I’m actually really glad that things have turned out the way they have.

It can be hard to see the positives of losing a job, and it’s a situation so many people are finding themselves in that it seems like it can’t be a good thing. The availabilities people have in life tend to be time or money, and if you don’t have one, you can generally have the other. I’ve had to make cut backs to allow for working part time, but I’m trying to make sure I use my free time to concentrate on the things that I enjoy. It’s a simple enough thought, but too many people get wrapped up in work they don’t enjoy and forget about the things they do.

There wasn’t a photo that was particularly relevant to this post, so I’ve included a photo I took in Thailand when I was thinking about the same sort of things. Enjoy, and I hope you all have a good day!


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