Today’s beauty buys

Seeing as I still have another three weeks until payday and how tight things have been with such a gap between paycheques, it was only a matter of time until temptation gave in to desire and I had to indulge in some little treats.

My mascara is well on its way out so I decided to combine a little Saturday afternoon walk with buying a new one. Unfortunately, when I got to Boots I found they had a three for two offer on most cosmetics, and so naturally I ended up choosing three things instead of one, and then I couldn’t decide between two nail varnishes, so buying three things then turned to four, five, and then six, so I thought I’d share with you what I bought.

I’d been thinking about good colours to combine with the black crackle nail varnish I also bought recently, and was after a deep turquoise that would give off a vibrant colour to shine through the black while still having a wintery feel.

I went for a nail varnish by Collection. It’s called Bongo Beat and is part of the new ’60 Seconds Hot Looks’ range. Even though Collection is the cheaper end of high street cosmetics, I’ve only ever had good experiences with their products and they’re currently offering some great shades in nail varnishes.

From the same range I also bought the nail varnish in All That Jazz – a kind of deep metallic grey/silver that I think will look great worn on its own as a single shade.

Next up was (another) nail varnish, this time by Rimmel. (Yes, the three for two offer is cross brands, even better!) This one is part of the Flip You Colour range, and when you apply the clear top layer varnish it changes the shade, though I like this one a lot as it is. It is called Royal Blue, though I think the ‘Metal Rush’ label more accurately describes it. It’s a violet metallic colour that jumped out at me so I had to buy it.

The only purchase I had planned to make was the Skylash mascara by Collection. I have yet to test this out, and plan to write a review when I do, but it was so highly recommended by Little Glitter that it seemed worth giving a try.

My last nail varnish is my favourite. I’m a bit of a ‘90s addict when it comes to fashion and this almost shouted out ‘school disco’, which I plan to subtly adapt to ‘Christmas parties’ later in the year. It’s by 17 and is a brand new product. As far as I could tell, it’s the only shade being brought out as it’s more about the holographic effect it creates than the colour. Close up, the varnish looks like really fine pieces of silver glitter that sparkle different colours and the bottle says to hold it under different types of light for various holographic looks. I think I’ll probably get a lot of use out of it.

Lastly, I bought the Blush and Glow blusher by 17 in the shade In Bloom. I never really use blusher but sometimes opt for a bit of bronzer. However, after watching series one of The OC recently, I felt like trying out a version of the look which the character Anna goes for and pink blush is a big part of this.

I’ve already tested out the first nail varnish and plan to write a review on it soon, until then I’m going to try not to chip the colour while carving my pumpkin for Halloween!


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