A NaNoWriMo update – the dreaded week two

After more than a week since NaNoWriMo started and barely noticing the time passing, I thought it was about time I wrote an update on my progress. I should write something anyway!

Initially I thought taking part in the National Novel Writing Month challenge was a great idea. I’m working part time and have fairly flexible hours so I thought this month would work perfectly for sitting down and cracking 50,000 words out in 30 days. The first three days were great. I exceeded the daily targets and even managed to organise myself to write with friends visiting for the weekend, writing half an hour here and there while we were in and out of the house. Since then though, things have gone a bit downhill.

The organisers warned that the second week of the challenge is always the hardest, and they’re not wrong. Barely a day into it and my word count hasn’t changed much and I’m finding it hard to organise my time the way I did when I started. In between work, job applications and severely damaging my sleep pattern to watch the US election coverage (yay, Obama!), I’ve barely found the time to write.

But my first attempt at NaNoWriMo, and my first attempt at writing such a large word count in a relatively short amount of time was always going to be ambitious. Now I’ve had a few manic days it’s time to take a step back and look at organising my time better. I’m going to try and allocate the same time of day to writing wherever possible and try and stick things out.

As for the words I have written, NaNoWriMo advises that no editing takes place during the writing month, and to avoid doing so I’ve tried not to read what I have written much, so I really have no idea whether it’s any good or not, and I’m desperate to find out! If that’s not motivation to keep going and type towards the 30th November I don’t know what is. Time to get back to the novel, or else risk it becoming a rather peculiar and unfinished short story…


4 thoughts on “A NaNoWriMo update – the dreaded week two”

  1. Keep going Laura! I haven’t found week two too bad but I’m not sure I have enough ideas in me to make it through week three! Just plodding along though 🙂 Have you tried the word sprints on twitter (@nanowordsrpints)? They are great motivation and helped me get out 1000 words in half an hour! A couple of hourse sprinting and you’ll have caught up in no time!

    1. Thanks Hannah 🙂 I’ve seen a few people do the writing sprints and I did that sort of thing during my dissertation which really helped. Determined to keep going and do plenty of catching up between now and the end of the weekend.

      Well done with yours, your word count seems to be going really well!

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