The best gift for your skin this Christmas

We all know winter can be harsh on our skin. The chapped lips that came in October were the first clue that I should have stayed indoors from then on and remained so until March. My face may have been nicer to me had that been the case. Unfortunately, life got in the way of that plan and my skin has had to endure the cold winds of the last few weeks.

Since the first signs of dryness appeared this season I’ve been looking for a better face moisturiser than my regular one. Usually I go for an oil-free light cream, but I did first buy this in the summer, and a few months later my skin is crying out for a better product. It’s simple really, but we change our clothing depending on the weather to protect our bodies, and we need to do the same with our beauty products to help our skin, in particular our faces, which face the harshest of times with little to cover them besides the cold air.

Being low on funds until pay day (still!), I rummaged around in the box of products to try and find something suitable. The most intensely moisturising cream I own is a cocoa butter lotion, but that isn’t specific for facial use so didn’t help that much. Later, looking through a make-up bag, I found a sample bottle of Olay Regenerist Daily Three Point Super Serum. It came free with a magazine a while ago and I threw it in a weekend bag at the time to take somewhere instead of a full-sized bottle. I remembered liking it though and tried it out again.

I admit I haven’t tried hundreds on face creams, but this is definitely my favourite. It is a bit of a luxury product, selling at around £29 for 50ml, but you can find it cheaper on Amazon and places and it’s worth every penny.

When applying it, you hardly need any at all to get a good layer of coverage. It is a specialist product designed as a serum (hence the name) more than an all-over moisturiser, and comes as part of a larger range, which I will happily try out too, but the texture of the serum is so great that I’d happily just stick with this.

For super moisturising quality I’d assumed I’d have to use an oil-heavy lotion, which I’m not a fan of, but this has such a thick texture which thins out and gets absorbed as soon as it touches the skin. It left my face feeling immediately much softer, and the smell is gorgeous too.

To be honest, it’s probably not the most suited product for me as the clinical trials the range went through applied to women no younger than 35, and being 24 I am probably a bit premature in my use of it, but it’s such a great product that I want to use it anyway. There’s no harm in a bit of early anti-aging anyway, is there?

This is a little bottle of magic as far as I’m concerned. The dry spots cleared up so much better than with anything else I’d used and it’s a product I would happily use on a daily basis. So, does anyone want to treat me to some for Christmas?


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