‘I pick up new skills like a monkey picks up nuts’ and other odd phrases from a job hunting graduate

It’s that time of the week that I consider what I’ve been up to over the last seven days and this week’s theme is definitely one of employment. This weekend I upped my job search from ‘casually looking’ to ‘serious’, and with that I feel a jobs version of the Facebook relationship status brewing somewhere in Mark Zuckerberg’s head.

My current job is great, I love it. But unfortunately it depends on students being at university, and with the upcoming festive season comes weeks of students being at home in bed, or if they’re good, at home at their desks. Either way, I don’t have many hours of work to look forward to and I need something more solid I can rely on. Seeing as my blog has helped me out in this area before, I thought all you potential employers deserved a post dedicated to you. Yes, YOU. Employ me (please).

Not afraid of a challenge – I’ll even climb a glacier if you want me to

I’m aiming to stay on the career track, despite what the media tells us about a lack of opportunities (that’s employability quality number one, by the way: optimism), and so I’m looking for an entry level position in marketing, PR, copywriting, social media or web content editing. I consider myself a bit of an expert in the field of social media. So much so that Twitter has become like a desktop wallpaper to me. No, seriously, I don’t even know what my wallpaper is any more, I assume Twitter just got stuck open one day and I’ve settled with it that way. But I digress; I know how to use it, business style. So much so that I have advised political figures in their online campaign strategy. Ready to offer me a job yet? No? Okay, keep reading.

I’ve done account handling, project managing, somehow got my blog to having over 1090 followers, and I know how to write a damn fine press release. I’ve done public and private sector work, including some freelance projects. I pick up new skills like a monkey picks up nuts and I’m always looking for a new challenge.

I also appreciate that overly-long blog posts become boring, so if you’ve got this far and are still interested, drop me an email and I’ll send you my CV. Take it further than that and I might even demonstrate my quality tea-making skills. I’m even known for bringing my home baked cakes into work on occasion (and I don’t need much of an occasion to do that).

So if you have a spare desk in your office, or you’re thinking of making room for one (I don’t take up that much space), then please get in touch. I’d love to talk to you.


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