Some unconventional festive fashion advice

We all know how Christmas goes: wake up in the morning, apply a full face of make-up and do your hair as if a secret salon fairy visited with Santa, pull on your dressing gown and slippers to open your presents and then change into your glitziest dress for dinner. Well, not exactly.

I don’t know about you, but I do not do this, not even close. Yes, we all have our family traditions at Christmas, and they may all vary a little, but do seasonal TV adverts try to capture this? No, they do not. They do as above, assuming all family members bother to look their very best to erm, sit around the house and spill gravy on themselves.

Most ads are guilty of this (except the John Lewis ad, which I love, in a hilarious way). They show the mums running around to get everything done, cook for everyone and then relax in front of the TV for the night with family members of all shapes and sizes, and they choose to do so wearing something they might pick out to a winter wedding reception.

All the useless statements about ‘looking your best this season’ can wait, as far as I’m concerned. There will be enough media hurtling of that phrase come January when the long-forgotten gyms will want to lure us back. So this Christmas, forget looking your best. I don’t even plan to put make-up on when I wake up to empty my stocking. Open your presents in your warmest, fluffiest pyjamas, don your new slippers and thermal socks and stay that way all day if you please. If you do change, make it a festive jumper and some comfy jeans. Save the pretty dress for New Year, when someone besides your dad will see it.


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