Beauty review: Collin Resultime mini facial kit

A little while ago I got sent some lovely samples from Collin Ltd to try out their new Resultime range. I hadn’t given much thought to anti-aging products just yet in life (and will protest that I am too young for some years to come), but there’s no harm in good preparation, and I love trying out new things.

I received a mini facial kit including a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye contour cream, face wash and mask, and although I am yet to try the mask I can happily say I was pleased with all of the other products, and some a lot more than others.

First off, the cleanser and toner were nice to use, but for a luxury range they didn’t seem to vary in quality all that much from regular high street products. I usually opt for facewipes at the end of the day, going for cleanser and toner when I’ve had more make-up on than usual. The toner did seem to work really well in removing the last parts of make-up though, so I’m keen to hang on to the last of the bottle!

Next up was the moisturiser. I felt it was a little too heavy and clay-like in texture for my preferences, but it’s important to remember as part of a results range that the effect is more important than the texture, and the heaviness did seem to help a lot with the dry skin my face had been experiencing a lot better than my usual oil-free moisturiser. I also have been applying the eye contour cream at night after the moisturiser, and the texture of this is lovely. It feels light and soft, perfectly delicate for the eye area and I’d be quite happy to carry on using this for a long time.

Always one to save the best until last though, I used the face wash without expecting much. I mean, it’s a face wash, right? Wrong. This stuff is amazing. Although the packaging describes it as a grain-free scrub, I wouldn’t use it as one at all. It is an amazingly soft cream which feels just as luxurious when it is on your face in the shower as your skin does afterwards. I’ve always been keen on quite a hard face scrub, so didn’t expect it to do much for the removal of dead skin, etc, but my face felt fresher than it usually does with a much harsher product and without any of the redness as a result. I would use this every day forever if I could, and am strongly considering buying some, which I think says something for a luxury range from a very money-conscious graduate.

As you may have guessed, this collection doesn’t come cheap. It is only available from spa retailers and some Internet digging suggested the whole package might be in excess of £80, so it would definitely be one for the Christmas list rather than the shopping list! That said, the Collin Ltd company makes some great offers if you join their VIP club (free of charge) and offers survey results regularly to back up their products. If you have the money, or just a face desperately in need of some luxury attention, this stuff may well be for you.


1 thought on “Beauty review: Collin Resultime mini facial kit”

  1. Hi Laura, I’m so glad you enjoyed the mini facial kit, and are a fan of the Grain Free Soft Scrub! We wouldn’t recommend it more than twice a week as it is an exfoliator (although it doesn’t feel like one!). If you have any questions, you know where I am 🙂

    Roxie x

    PS If you like face wipes, you consider our Micellar Radiance Cleansing Water. It cleanses and tones, and is just as quick as a wipe –

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