My favourite Christmas purchase

This weekend I have fully submerged myself in all things Christmas. I’ve wrapped my presents, pulled crackers with friends before they head home, told bad jokes and, most importantly, I’ve watched Elf. But all other parts of the year aside, I’m a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to Christmas. I love giving people gifts and the ability to shop guilt-free, knowing the money is going on other people is brilliant, so I headed into town. Today however, I got distracted.

One of my favourite shops is Paperchase, and I couldn’t resist a quick look. A quick look intended for some stocking fillers for other people. Well, they soon got forgotten about. I found this box of 100 miniature baubles, and despite costing £10, already having put up my decorations, and still not having a job, I found myself with them at the till before I knew it. But look how cute they are! Honestly, I really think I’ll have trouble taking these things down come January.

The cutest decorations in the world

A couple of months ago I got a kitten, so these precious little balls of glass were never going near my tree, aka kitten play heaven. I thought hanging them on pieces of string and putting them around my flat would look great against my white walls, and they do. There’s enough of them to have lined my bedroom window, staircase and bookshelf, and once they were up I couldn’t not share them with you. Go and get some for yourself before Christmas is over and we all look crazy putting up super cute decorations!

Miniature baubles brightening up my bookshelf!
Miniature baubles brightening up my bookshelf!

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