New beginnings

It’s been ages since my last post, Christmas is a distant memory and it is well and truly time those New Year resolutions were set in, and seeing as one of mine was to concentrate on my blog this year I need to get writing!

Although Christmas was an age and a half ago, one of the best presents I got is still to start…sort of. I got offered a job! It came right before Christmas and it starts tomorrow, so in a way today has been my last festive day off. I was offered the job of being the first ever librarian of a school that opened in September last year, and I can’t wait to start. The idea of starting a new job at the beginning of January seems really neat and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and passing on my book worminess to others.

librarianThe library has never been open so I have the exciting job of stocking the shelves, deciding exactly what the kids will be reading and thinking up cool programmes and activities the library could host. I haven’t done much like this before and anyone who knows me will know just how much I love getting into something new right from the start, so it’s a doubley exciting challenge for me.

The main thing I have been trying to do since being offered the job is to get into the head of an 11-16 year old, and figure out what type of things they’d like to read. Going through my favourite books from school made me realise just how out of date my own teen literary choices would seem now – I doubt Sweet Valley High is still going quite as strong! Instead I’m going to aim to be as diverse as possible – classics, modern fiction and non-fiction, as well as plenty of other resources to grab the interest of the pupils.

I’d love to know the favourite books of my readers – both now and from when you were at school. What would you recommend to a teenager to read today?

Happy New Year!


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