My first week as a librarian

It’s the end of my first weekend – a part of the week I can now distinguish as different from the rest – since starting my new job on Monday. A full week of librarian-filled days and pondering books has passed now and I think I can safely say I’m going to enjoy doing this job.

I might have taken a step back from the type of work I was doing that could have seen me gradually climb a career ladder (if those things still exist), and instead am going to be seeing more stepladders than anything else. But that’s fine with me, I seem to have found a job that instead offers something that suits me perfectly.

The term time hours mean I’ll still be able to travel every year if I choose to – this is something I always wondered if I’d really be able to properly give up in favour of getting a real job, and now I have the chance to do both with a solid block of six weeks off in the summer. But better than that, I’d never really considered what type of job I should do to suit my personality, only what type of thing I might want to do.

A clean slate in the form of empty shelves?
A clean slate in the form of empty shelves?

Being a relatively quiet introvert, a library environment seems to suit me perfectly. I have my own little box of an office, somewhere to tuck myself away and work without the ongoing chatter of an office filled with other people, or more importantly, the unofficial requirement to join in with pretending to care about the weekend’s football on a Monday morning. I’m a hermit at heart, and where better to spend my days than surrounded by books that I have chosen for children to read? Of course, this is only because the library hasn’t officially opened yet, and once it is stocked with books and resources it will (hopefully) have school children scattered across the room.

I love the thought that the books I select are ones that pupils of the school will be reading, and that I could be responsible for introducing the notion of reading as a pleasurable activity to some. Aside from everything else, I’m also really excited about the flexibility of the job to make what I want out of it. I’m free to create whatever incentives I can think of to draw pupils in, and the ideas I have for reading challenges and after-school clubs are something I’m going to enjoy doing so much more than anything I’ve done before.

At the moment the library is basically an empty space to make what I can out of it. Let’s hope I can do the job well enough to get the kids as excited as I am to spend all week in there!


2 thoughts on “My first week as a librarian”

  1. Your new job sounds great Laura. So do u think not walking up the steps of the career ladder will be the right choice? I’m also battling the idea of a career, deciding whether to choose between what interests me and makes me happy or going after that media buzz.

    1. I think the right choice will be different for everyone. For a while I thought I was motivated by the idea of a strong, progressing career, and there are plenty of people who will want to do that and that is the right thing for them. Ultimately though, you have to consider what makes you happy. Whatever you do, you’ll do for around 40 hours every week so you have to think about what you want to spend that time doing. Do you want to just do something, whatever it is, work hard at it and concentrate on the money and the status or genuinely enjoy what you’re doing while you’re doing it?

      I took a huge pay drop for this job compared to my last, but I know I’m going to enjoy it twice as much and that it will suit me personally for more than most things would. What I want from a job or career will probably change with time, but right now I’m doing what leaves me happy at the end of the day and I think everyone should focus on that.

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