Beauty review: Collection Skylash mascara

I’ve finished a couple of products this week, including a mascara I wanted to review when I first bought it. I’ve had about a month’s use out of it, and I think now is probably a better time to blog about what it was like to use than when it was new to me.

I was fairly sure the last mascara I bought was from Collection (previously Collection 2000), but the writing on the packaging had worn off the tube and as I couldn’t remember the name I thought it would be a good time to try out a new one. The one I had been using was a lot longer lasting than the writing on the tube so I decided to stick to Collection as their products always seem great value.

Skylash mascara brushI love the design of this mascara (tube? bottle? container?), though I can’t say I’m as keen on the brush. The bristles are all quite sturdy and comb-like, which don’t give much flexibility. I thought having the much shorter bristles on one side for corner and shorter lashes (I mostly used it for the bottom row) was great at first, but once I’d been using it for a while and there wasn’t as much mascara left this row became quite hard to use.

IMG_0706I think mascaras are made to suit different people – there is no good one for everyone. This one is probably most suited to people who like to spend a long time making their lashes really stand out, but be warned that it won’t last long if that’s the case as I had to wear quite a lot. The first time I used it I felt like I had to spend much longer than I usually would applying it, but my lashes did look a lot longer and it made my eyes look a lot wider. Unfortunately they did feel quite heavy too, and as the month has gone on the look has become less and less impressive.

The brush stem isn’t very strong and it bends very easily if you’re not careful, but that isn’t really a huge fault. Overall, I wasn’t a fan of the brush but the mascara itself isn’t bad at all, and for a product costing less than £4 it can’t be reviewed too harshly.

Collection Skylash mascara
Collection Skylash mascara

Have you used this or a similar product? What did you think?


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