Beauty review: a cocoa butter to die for (if you try to eat it)

So yesterday I blogged about the Skylash mascara I had finished off. Another product I finished this week is Superdrug’s Natural Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. Put simply, I love the stuff. It smells amazing, it’s cheap and it works wonders. I guess I could stop the review there!

But where I lack in natural chattiness I make up for in using too many words when I’m writing, so I’ll continue.

Superdrug's Cocoa Butter Body LotionThe bottle I purchased is £2.99 for 300ml, although it’s currently on sale for £1.49 a bottle (something I just discovered and so am going to stock up asap!). I’d say the product’s main competitor would be Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion, as the brand everyone instantly recognises for this stuff. I’ve only used that a couple of times for sunburn, but I don’t remember it being as good as Superdrug’s own. In price comparison alone, a smaller 250ml standard bottle is £3.75, so a little bit more expensive for a little bit less product. And we’ve all been swayed by a 76p saving somewhere down the line.

Back to the main thing though. The lotion contains real cocoa butter and you can tell. There’s something about products containing real ingredients (particularly ones that are also food products) that you just don’t get with synthetic scents. Its moisturising quality is something I noticed really quickly after starting to use it too. It rubs into the skin exceptionally well and leaves you feeling beautifully smooth without any greasiness.

I’ve used a few different brands of cocoa butter and if there’s one thing this one beats the rest on hands down though, it’s the smell. If there wasn’t a warning against these things I’d have probably tried to eat the stuff at some point – it is honestly like pouring creamy chocolate over your body, and who doesn’t want that?

Did I mention that it’s £1.49 at the moment? I did, but it’s worth saying again. Go and buy some, right now!


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