Book nostalgia

I’ve just finished my second week of working as a school librarian. The hours are really starting to catch up with me now and I feel exhausted, so I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend of reading and chilling out.

georges-marvelous-medicine-roald-dahl-hardcover-cover-artToday I’ve been thinking about how this job could change my reading habits. I have a few books of my own to read at home that I have selected to read in the next few weeks, but as well as these I’m also finding myself wanting to read some teen fiction in order to get to grips with what pupils at the school are reading and help me get to know what’s big in children’s literature at the moment.

This is where the surprise came in! I always imagined children’s books to be a lot like children’s TV in the sense that what we watched when we were younger is nothing like what kids watch today. And although trends chop and change in books, I’m finding the popular ones are still the same books from when I was at school.

demon_headmaster_strikes_againI spent today in the city’s central library, rummaging through their school collection and choosing stock, and I couldn’t believe the nostalgia that came with it. I could have spent the afternoon quite happily tucked away between shelves with a copy of The Demon Headmaster (my absolute favourite around the age of 9), Goosebumps or even Flat Stanley (who remembers Flat Stanley?!), just like I did after primary school on many days. Of course, I had to resist temptation and put them to one side but I can definitely see a few lunch breaks being taken up with trips down a literary memory lane.

I thought I’d share with you a few titles that brought back some childhood memories. Do you recognise any or remember any others that were amongst your favourites?

flat stanleyThe Animal Ark collection, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Tracy Beaker, The Sleepover Club, The Babysitters Club, Ms Wiz, Meg and Mog… I could go on, and probably will when I go back next week!


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