Challenge 25 – what should I have accomplished before my 25th birthday?

This year I’ll be turning 25. It’s horrific. At first I thought I was fine with this, but after having a dream the other night in which I was 22, and feeling the disappointment in waking up to the realisation that this isn’t the case, I have reverted to  a state of panic. I’ll no longer be able to describe my age as ‘early twenties’. Some argue I haven’t been able to do that since 24 either, but I had to hang on to what I could.

This morning on the way to work I considered whether I should do a few young and crazy things before my birthday in order to cram in all the youth I can before it’s too late. A tattoo of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh perhaps? (I actually know someone who did this at 16. Lord knows what they think of it now) Or maybe a night out drinking nothing but Smirnoff Ices and Bacardi Breezers? I quickly realised my thoughts were leading me down a track named ‘shortcut to quarter life crisis’ though. I have done a lot with my life so far that I’m happy with, but having a list of goals to complete before my birthday (exactly three months today) isn’t a bad idea, so here are 25 things I want to accomplish before then:

My ’25 before 25′

1) Finish sewing the blanket I began making out of socks for my cat (Think Joseph’s multicoloured dream coat in a small rectangular version)

2) Learn to crochet – This is something I attempted before Christmas and I’ve been meaning to go back to it since

3) Run a giveaway on my blog (This means treats for you guys!)

4) Draw up a plan of where my salary goes each month (They can’t all be interesting!)

5) Try a new food

6) Learn about a historical event or person

7) Reach 30,000 words of my novel

8) Have a piece of writing published

9) Read the collection of John Steinbeck novels I have (I’ve been meaning to do this since 2009 when I read The Grapes of Wrath and loved it)

sewing10) Upcycle a piece of clothing

11) Cycle a new route somewhere

12) Plan a trip to a country I haven’t visited before

13) Get in touch with an old friend

14) Learn how to create the smokey eyes look with my make-up

15) Find and settle on a hair colour I like!

16) Invest in some new underwear (There’s something about having Minnie Mouse in your smalls drawer that isn’t quite right at this age)

17) Get up to date with the Mad Men series

18) Visit a farm at Easter

19) Write a short story (Or finish the one I started about two years ago)

20) Print and display some photos of friends (I’ve taken thousands over the years and too many get forgotten about as digital files)

21) Sew a cross-stitch pattern

22) Play music on a regular basis (This one will sound so stupid to a lot of people, but I never actually listen to music and I want to. Seriously, the first time I went travelling for three months I took an iPod and it didn’t get switched on once. Unbelievable)

leafy23) Build up some savings again (I had to use my last lot for rent and bills before I got my job, and it was a little devastating knowing it wasn’t going on a holiday, so I’m determined to increase my current ISA balance of £0.03!)

24) Take advantage of my local area (I’m lucky to live somewhere with lots going on so I want to get involved in what there is around me, even if it’s just going for a walk around the beautiful leafy streets!)

25) FINALLY: This one feels like it should be definitive, but to be honest I’ve just thought up 24 of these things and my imagination is flagging a bit, so I’m putting it over to you. From this list you can get an idea of my interests so I want YOU to suggest my final ‘to do’ item on the list. The best one in the comments section gets added!

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Challenge 25 – what should I have accomplished before my 25th birthday?”

  1. I made a “Before 25 List” (I was 23 when I made it) and I am working on my right now (six months left). It was so much fun. I put some adventurous things on my list: get a tattoo and go bungee jumping; it definitely got me out of my comfort zone, I recommend either of those as your #25!

    1. If tattoos were temporary I’d definitely go for that. Unfortunately I got one just before I turned 18 and have vowed not to do it again (or at least before I can afford the removal!). Bungee jumping? The very thought makes me so nervous I have to physically hold on to the floor. But a challenge is called a challenge for a reason…I’ll consider it. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. 25 – Get your dreams interpreted, it’ll stop you wondering or worrying about them, for at least the next 25 years .

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