25 by 25: the final challenge

In my last post I asked people to give me suggestions as to what my final challenge should be as part of my ’25 by 25′ list. I thought up things which included finishing off old projects and trying new simple things like food and cycle routes.

I had a few suggestions on my blog and from Facebook and Twitter, some much more appreciated than others! Suggestions included doing the Three Peaks Challenge, which was a really good one, getting a tattoo, doing a bungee jump (great suggestion but I could never bring myself to jump off a ledge with only my ankles attached to some elastic without having a heart attack. I genuinely think I’d hate it), and a few other similar things.

The bungee jump idea probably stayed with me the longest. I’d be petrified but doing something exhilarating and scary seemed to suit the list, so I am considering something similar like paragliding, which I watched others do in New Zealand last year and it seemed like a lot of fun.

The suggestion I got that really seemed like a great idea though is something I have been meaning to do for ages and had forgotten about. Considering how enthusiastic I am about travelling, and how many countries I want to visit, it seems odd that I haven’t actually seen an awful lot of the country I live in. I’ve been to most towns and cities in Yorkshire, where I live, but with the exception of London and Cambridge I have never really explored the south.

Train fares can be extortionate here, but I think I put too much blame on that considering the size of the UK. If I was a foreign visitor here I know I would consider the small size of the country a reason to try and get around as much of it as possible during a visit, and combined with the fact that I have been missing travel a bit lately I thought this would be a great challenge, so here it is, my final ’25 by 25′:

Use a weekend to visit a city I haven’t been to before, in an area of the country I haven’t been to before.

If I can use the challenge to meet other people and treat it how I would if I were abroad then I’m sure I’ll get a lot out of it. I’m looking forward to seeing how different the atmosphere is in hostels in this country compared to others, where I would normally talk to anyone I meet there!

Now I just have to choose where I want to go. I’ve always wanted to see Bristol and Oxford, so it could be one if those, but maybe I’ll be tempted by train fare offers somewhere I hadn’t thought of. I can’t wait to see where I end up!


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