Here comes the sun, doo doo do doo (and the daisies with it)

daisy1I hadn’t been shopping since the sales just after Christmas, but I was in town the other day and cut through one of the shopping centres to see the new spring window displays and get a glimpse of things I might pick out for the new fashion season. I’d come across hints of themes and colours in the craft magazines and blogs I read, but seeing the rows of shops displaying something fresh and new made tinsel and snowflakes seem a million years ago.

It might still be freezing outside, but forget winter, spring is here, and it is bringing us daisies! Yes, that’s right. Beautifully refreshing shades of pastel yellow to brighten up our wardrobes and cute prints and accessories featuring the cute little white flower we find in every garden are going to be big this season.

daisy2Of course, you don’t need me to tell you about the high street; everyone sees that. Whenever I want to avoid picking out something I love thousand of others also will because it’s from Topshop and about 90% of girls my age shop there, I head to Etsy. Just typing the word ‘daisy’ brought me so many beautiful craft and jewellery items that my rent might have to come second this month! I thought I’d pick out a few of my favourites to share with you:

First up are these sweet little lace daisies, which come in a pack of ten. I think every crafter should indulge in some cute items every so often, even if you don’t have any projects in mind for them yet. They only work out as £1.30 too!

Next is a lovely selection of fabrics. I think these would make some great summery curtains or a day dress (I’m thinking 1960s style). Let me know what you would use them for!

daisy3This third item I absolutely love. I fall too often for handmade silver jewellery and I can’t wait to buy this. I think it suits the sort of person who likes to keep up with fashion, without buying items so season-specific that they don’t seem as attractive in a few month’s time. Without any of the yellow or white colour, this is a lovely subtle hint towards the trends without devoting yourself to it. This delicate piece is a keeper.

daisy4Finally, can you believe how great these look? They’re actually described as tiny gardens to wear around your neck, and I’m failing to think of a cuter concept at the moment. The daisy piece is probably a little bit big for my liking, but I might have to treat myself to one of their smaller bottled botanical treats!


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