New sewing machine! (Well, new to me…)

After finding out how much sewing machines cost recently, I phoned my mum to ask if she knew anywhere that sold second hand ones. After telling me she didn’t know of anywhere she later went on to say “Oh, but I do have one in the spare bedroom cupboard”. Yes, as casually as that. The house in which I used to live contained a perfectly functioning sewing machine, and she never said anything.

sewing machineNaturally I demanded it be dug out from its hiding place immediately and I am now the proud owner of….this:

No, I’ve never heard of the brand either, but if it works then that is all I need for now! It is a pretty heavy machine for the size, and I have yet to figure out what all of the buttons and controls do, though the choice of stitches to use is already pretty exciting compared to what I have been used to.

I managed to sell my mini-machine on Gumtree this week as the lack of things it was capable of was getting annoying, and it was no use for the project I want to work on at the moment, so hopefully this new addition to my crafts room will do the job.

The strange thing about this machine is how many bits and pieces it comes with. In its draw at the front I found endless things, some probably more functional than others, but amongst them were all of these:


If anyone can identify any of their purposes I would be very grateful as I’d love to know what type of things I could do with this machine. I’d also like some suggestions for some simple projects that will increase my skills, hopefully up to the level of being able to make a 1950s style dress over the summer!


2 thoughts on “New sewing machine! (Well, new to me…)”

  1. Ooh I’m attempting a dress this summer too! I got my first sewing machine for Christmas! I can’t help you out with what the feet do I’m afraid as I’m still a beginner but good luck with it! I can’t wait to see what you create!

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