25 by 25: Get in touch with an old friend – tick!

I ticked off two of my ’25 by 25’ challenges this week, and with half term now being here I hope to get plenty more done before I go back to work next week.

I thought I’d actually only done one so far, which was number 13: Get in touch with an old friend, but once I achieved this and saw the photos from the result of it I decided I had also managed to accomplish finding a hair colour I’m happy with too, happily ticking off number 15!

Many moons ago, when I was a sixth form student, I was part of a large group of girls and the occasional boy. There were at least ten of us that would meet everyday in the college canteen, either for a snack at break or to hang around chatting when we probably* should have been in lessons (*definitely). No matter how busy the canteen was, you could guarantee at least a couple of our group would have secured the same long table by the windows at the back each day, and as daft as it sounds, that table gathering made the best two years I’ve known. I don’t think we stopped laughing for more than two minutes at a time (though over what I can’t remember), and endless social events were arranged there.

That table was where my friends and I discussed the early stages of our first serious relationships, planned our legendary holiday to Corfu (our boyfriends at the time constantly mimicked us with the sentence “this one time, in Corfu…”, based on the band camp line from American Pie because of how much we talked about it), and hid guests we had sneaked into the college at lunchtimes, namely older boys from the university or elsewhere.

Me (left) with friends on a night out this week
Me (left) with friends on a night out this week – I’m sure Faye in the middle is happier than what it appears! 

Our group made sixth form unbelievably fun, but one by one we lost touch when people went away to university or headed into a new direction in life. There was no bad reason for this, people just drift apart. But the group got smaller and smaller until I realised I barely spoke to anyone from it anymore, despite still living fairly nearby some of them. And so this changed!

I started speaking to one of my friends again recently, and she happily arranged for a few of us to get back in touch and we have met up a few times now, picking up exactly where we left off. We have all matured but the core reasons for being friends in the first place are still there and we seem to laugh at all the same things just as we did before.

Without getting my job recently I’m not sure this would have happened, but as soon as I figured out I was going to be permanently based where I’m living for the foreseeable I knew I had to get back in touch with people.

This should make ticking off number 20 fairly easy – Print and display photos I’ve taken of friends over the years!


2 thoughts on “25 by 25: Get in touch with an old friend – tick!”

  1. And I’m so glad to be back in touch; I may not have actually gone to your college but I know I was there every day in spirit lol. F xxx

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