Horsemeat: can we get over it now please?

Right. I’ve tried to put this out of my mind but the news insists on keeping it around despite the mundane nature of it now it has been going on for weeks, so I’ll get my mild rant over with and never speak of it again: Horsemeat.

Black Beauty? No, we couldn't possibly eat her relatives! But Babe? Sure, why not.
Black Beauty? No, we couldn’t possibly eat her relatives! But Babe? Sure, why not.

Yes, it is incredibly wrong that products have been wrongly labelled and sold as something they’re not, but that is where the scandal ends. Officials have come out and said that the horsemeat in question is perfectly safe to eat and offers no health risks whatsoever to the consumer. Yet people in their thousands are rooting through their freezers and supermarket managers are turfing out store fulls of products, because we are ‘disgraced’ at the thought of eating something which stands in a field on four legs. A bit like a cow, or sheep, or pig. You get the idea.

If you wouldn’t eat horsemeat because it’s not halal, or anything like that, you still annoy me, but fine, leave quietly out of the back door please. If however, like the majority in this country, you take a small cardboard package out of the freezer at approximately the same time every evening, heat it up and throw it down your throat before your brain has even switched off from work that day, then you are only trying to find morals where there are none to be found.

You eat beef, so why not horses? Choosing to eat certain meats while being disgusted at the prospect of consuming others makes about as much sense as claiming to love children, just not the short ones. There is no logical sense in choosing to eat meat while being appalled at the choice of animal presented to you. Of course, you can sit down in a restaurant and see a choice of chicken, duck and lamb on the menu and choose the chicken based on the premise that you don’t quite fancy the other two at the time, but choosing the chicken and then telling the people sat around you that you are disgusted that anyone could choose to eat duck at all puts you in a position only resembling mild insanity, or at best, someone who just doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

If you eat meat, you only have the right to refuse particular animals from your diet based on taste and preference, but not morals. All animals bred for meat are slaughtered, all go through the process of being turned from living thing to dead thing to be eaten. Choose to be open to eating meat or choose not to be okay with it at all.

Besides, can you honestly say you’ve never uttered the words ‘I’m so hungry I could eat a horse’? No? Be quiet and get on with your dinner then, and then this whole thing can hit the hay.


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