More Challenge 25s ticked!

It seemed like a while since I had reviewed my 25 by 25 list, so I had a look at it today and I can tick off a few more items than I thought!

In order of the list, I went to York last weekend as the boyfriend and I have been pretty keen to go since we found out Yo Sushi had opened a branch there. While a lot of waiting was being done due to a lack of vegetarian food on the belt I was looking through the menu and realised I should try something new (No: 5). Normally I’ll go for my few staple dishes but I tried a sushi hand wrap. It wasn’t the tastiest thing…but I never said every challenge would be 100% positive. From what I remember it contained carrot, seaweed wrap, cucumber and a mix of seeds and sauces, oh and sushi. Yes, ahem. Moving on.

Ms Mr - a possible new favourite sound
Ms Mr – a possible new favourite sound

My last post was all about being eco-friendly, and in light of this I decided to see how long it would take to start cycling to work. Great news in that it’s only an 18 minute ride, so as soon as the weather clears up I’ll be ditching the car in favour of two wheels. While doing this I found a dirt path that follows a stream (okay, large drain, but whatever, it’s still mildly pretty if you ignore the litter), and comes out right by my work. It also goes through a park which is nice and I had no idea it existed, so tick for No: 11!

Next up is No: 16. Thanks to Primark (not quite M&S but maybe next time) my smalls drawer now holds a variety of pretty colours and items that actually fit properly, and I only spent about £20. Success.

No: 22. I still need to practice with this one in listening to music regularly, but since creating the list I have discovered the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Laura Marling, Lucy Rose, Rachmaninov (yes, that one has been around a while) and a band I am really excited about, Ms Mr. They don’t have a full album out yet but I love what I’ve heard so far and can’t wait to see what else they do.

So lots done and lots more still to do! I might try and improve on the food one yet though…



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