Easy, free and quick way to display jewellery the eco way!

Just as with any crafting idea I’ve had lately, it’s come from Pinterest. I’m getting increasingly addicted to the prettiness and ideas contained within that site, and I thought it was about time I actually did something about an idea I’ve found.

There are tons of ways to imaginatively display jewellery, and seeing as I’ve had the same small jewellery box since the age of 14, and the simplicity of this project meant a really quick make, I chose this eco-friendly design. In fact it’s more than eco-friendly, it’s more like eco-soul mate material, and cost absolutely nothing to make.

I found four branches in my back garden (and had some fun wrestling a dead tree in the process), in pairs of equal lengths, and some neutral coloured wool that I had in my crafts room. I think string would look really cool and raw too, but you could equally choose to jazz it up with different colours (a different colour for each corner would look great).

The process is so simple it hardly needs stating, but you basically just arrange the branches in a rectangle and tie the corners up in several layers of wool or string. You can put a blob of glue on the knots to secure if you want to. After that, just hang your necklaces and bracelets up!

I love the idea of being able to see all of my necklaces on display as I like to choose a different one to wear most mornings, and having them hung up means no more tangled knots in the jewellery box which will save a lot of time when I’m getting ready!

This is definitely the easiest, cheapest and quickest craft make I’ve ever found, plus it saves you the money of a picture to hang on the wall. Post your photos in the comments if you decide to make one yourself!



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