F is for free time

F is for free time, which is ironic, given that this blog is two days late. I have been busy with a weekend away and going back to work, but more to the point I thought waiting until I had a topic was a better idea than posting a picture of Fred Flintstone for my letter F blog.

I have had the last two weeks off work for the Easter holidays, and I can’t quite believe how much I wasted a lot of them. Before the final Friday of the term (some more Fs for you there), I was massively looking forward to a break and the chance to catch up on some sleep, but didn’t really have any specific plans besides working through my 25 by 25 list.

Just hanging out...in a tree
Just hanging out…in a tree

Free time is something everyone who works craves, and is one of the main reasons I wanted to work in a school. Without sounding like a cliché, I have always hated the idea of being ‘part of the system’, and only being allowed four weeks of free time a year. An ex-boyfriend of mine used to work somewhere that looks down upon any more than one week off at a time, and this caused several arguments when it came to holidays. I love my job, and am grateful to be doing it, but it isn’t my whole life, and I don’t ever want a job to be that. I’m not a careerist and am more motivated by the thought of being my own person outside of work with the ability to use my time as I like.

But these holidays I have wondered whether these thoughts of free time have gotten slightly mixed up with my love of travelling. I hate to admit it, but before going away for a long weekend just before returning to work, the time off was, well, a little boring. It could have been great, but I didn’t know how to spend it, and so I wasted it. It’s true that I relaxed and enjoyed the break, but playing computer games and refreshing Facebook isn’t the best use of time in my opinion. I wonder if I only craved above the average amount of time off work in order to be able to travel without a huge time restriction.

Whatever it is, I have decided that the six week break in the summer will be a huge waste if I’m not careful, and it isn’t fair on those that do have to work far more than I do to waste it sat around the house. In the summer I plan to volunteer in the local library, run craft workshops, really get going on my garden and plan lots of DIY and craft projects. Oh, and holidays too!

How do you spend your free time, and do you worry you waste it?


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