G is for grow your own

We all regularly see articles telling us about how much food we throw away, but we’re wasting more than we think. If we throw away an uneaten apple, we’re not only wasting a single piece of fruit, but several brand new apple trees too!

If we think about the amount of food we consume that we could use to grow our own produce, it would total up to a fair amount of the fruit and vegetables in our kitchens right now.

If something in the supermarket had a bright label attached reading ‘Comes with free seeds!’ and an attached, sealed packet, we would instantly think it was a great promotional deal, but just because fruit doesn’t come with marked labels, it doesn’t mean this isn’t the case.

grow your ownIn the last couple of weeks I have begun growing garlic with a few leftover cloves in the fridge, apple trees, which I hope to transfer to the garden one day, peppers, lemon leaves and basil, all from seeds and cuttings which were all already laying around.

Growing your own food is such a good idea, there are barely any downsides. You save money, you reduce your impact on the environment and encourage a bit of ‘back to basics’ living, and there’s not much you can’t grow just by looking at various areas of light and heat around your home.

No garden? Me neither! Everything I have planted is in little pots on window ledges at the moment, and once they get bigger I’ll put up some shelves for them. Even the smallest of outdoor areas will do though. A small concrete yard can still hold growing bags full of several month’s supplies of potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms and plenty of other things. One of my neighbours has filled the top of their entire wall outside their house with pots and it looks great, and that’s just a brick wall! My favourite space-saving food plant though has to be the pumpkin. Yes, it’s the wrong time of year, but come October, remember this: scoop out the insides as usual, and when you’re done using the actual thing, fill the hole with soil and put back all the seeds – voila, you have a pumpkin full of new pumpkins!

Growing your own is so easy, I encourage everyone to do it. If you are going to give it a try though, remember that soaking your seeds in water for a while before planting is recommended, and garlic does really well after being in the fridge first, especially if it’s already sprouting.

Happy growing, and if you’re quick, there might even still be time to get the strawberries going for summer!


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