H is for hour

After talking about free time yesterday and how I often worry that I waste it, especially evenings after work when 5pm turns into 8, 9 and then 10pm before we know it, I thought I’d spend my H post talking about hours, or one in particular.

An hour isn’t a long amount of time, but they can be filled usefully if we try. I think the trick is to acknowledge them. Don’t look at the clock and the days and nights will fly past before we realise, but keeping an eye on the time and planning our time hour by hour can work wonders.

20130409-212851.jpg For school kids this time of year is all about revision, and Radio 1 over here have been featuring a daily ‘power hour’ – a single hour of full concentration for whatever you’re working on. When I was finishing off my degree I followed a writer on Twitter who would set the same challenge: they would set a time and go offline for 60 minutes, before returning to talk about what they had done in that time with others.

It does highlight just how much you can get done when you try, but this isn’t just about necessary tasks either. Splitting weekday evenings into separate hours for different activities might be something that works – an hour to get home and prepare a meal perhaps, an hour of watching a TV show, an hour of reading, blogging, sewing or planning a trip into space, you get the idea!

Dividing time, much like money, which are all too often linked, will help you realise where the time goes and how you spend it. I’m sure I’d be horrified if I totalled up the hours looking at Pinterest or Twitter each week, while I’m grumpy about the fact I never seem to get much done.

For the rest of this week I will be dedicating one hour each evening to seeing what I can achieve in that time slot, whether it is running around the house giving each room a blast of a tidy up or just sitting down with a book, uninterrupted, it will be great if I can feel a bit more productive.

Does anyone care to join me in doing the same? Let me know how you would like to spend one hour a day!


2 thoughts on “H is for hour”

  1. Interesting post and I agree about hours slipping by; I only started blogging a couple of weeks ago, I love reading the other A to Z posts but I’m missing out on activities I did before. I am going to set a timer for one hour when I log on and try to stick to it so I have an hour to keep working on my digital archive of family photos. I need tea too!

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