I is for inspiration

…Or inspiration boards to be precise. We can find inspiration in all kinds of places – quotes, pictures, songs, something small that catches our eye, the achievements of others – the list could go on forever. Inspiration also needs to come from different places, depending on what we are aspiring to.

At the moment I have focussed a lot of energy on really wanting my flat to look great with homemade crafts and repurposed furniture, and a lot of the inspiration for this comes from Pinterest (yes, I’m mentioning it again). But with so many beautiful images, it’s hard not to build up a mental gallery of what your own home could look like after pages of beautiful fabrics, furnishings and gardens.

At school, my favourite subject was textiles. At the beginning of one project we had to create a mood board to give us ideas for our creations, and I liked this part almost as much as the sewing. Having been assessing my life a lot recently anyway, I decided it was about time I got out the glue and scissors and turned a stack of magazines into another mood board. This time the theme is ‘Six months from now’. I’m reaching a very reflective age of 25 this month, and as well as looking back on things I have done, I want to start planning ahead for what I could achieve too. Voila, mood board!

I don’t actually read many magazines, and the ones I do are a bit too precious to cut up just yet, so although my physical mood board had rather a lot of space left on it, I had plenty of images stock piled in my Pinterest boards to make a digital version.

Below is my mood board which is going to see my ambitions through the next six months. Going from the top left corner I have a section on writing. I want to continue to develop my blog and write more fiction. I’ve been getting more and more into short stories lately so here is my inspiration to continue writing them. Below this is a section on crafts. I really want to dedicate more time to crafts and these pictures show the type of things I’d like to do. I want to redesign some old drawers, finally learn how to crochet, do plenty of sewing of all the projects I have begun and start new ones, including making some baby clothes for a friend of mine.

mood boardThe bottom right corner is my travel section. I have a trip to Istanbul planned soon and as well as this I would really like to make it to Edinburgh this summer. I’ve been meaning to go there for years and this year a friend of mine is putting on a play at Edinburgh Festival, so there’s double the reason to go!

Above this is my home section. If I could have a relatively successful fruit and vegetable plot, whether that is in neat rows in a garden or in random places around the house in various pots, it doesn’t matter. I love the thought of having a kitchen filled with home-grown produce. I also want to apply some crafting to the rest of the house and improve the look of my kitchen and bedroom. Both could do with a bit of attention and some fabric crafts would do the trick.

Finally, the centre of my board shows my professional and financial aspirations. In six months’ time I would like to have secured a pay rise, collected some savings, paid off my overdraft, achieved a qualification related to my job and increased my responsibilities to include a focus on reading development.

That sounds like quite a lot actually…but that is where inspiration comes in. Mood boards can be put up on display somewhere you’ll see each day, or just looked at now and again when you need a little reminder of where your life is going.

I strongly encourage you to make one too, if only for the fun of putting it together!


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