J is for January Jones

Last night I went to my first Fashion and Sewing class. I’ve been wanting to do an adult education course since leaving uni and this seemed like a perfect fit for my strange need for learning plus the chance to put some structure to my crafts.

When I arrived at the class I was asked what I would like to spend the course making. I think I said the words “1950s dress” before my brain knew what I was doing.

Years and years ago I found a page in a magazine featuring a very young Holly Willoughby in a fashion profile article. She was listing where she got her outfit from and described how the dress she was wearing was a copy of a Vivienne Westwood dress she had made. I fell in love with it and kept the page for a long time in the hope of being able to make or buy my own copy one day. I’ve no idea where the page is now but I have loved that style of dress ever since, and so when I began to watch the series Mad Men last year I thought all my dress-related Christmases had come at once with January Jones’ character, Betty Draper.

Both in character and in real life, January Jones has become a bit of a style icon for me. She does whatever look she attempts so well and is hardly recognisable as the same person with a change of hair colour, but it is her portrayal of Betty Draper that I love the most, and more to the point, the wardrobe that goes with it.

This is obviously a blog post that benefits from images rather than words, so I have posted below a few of my favourite outfit and design choices on January, both in and out of character.20130411-204506.jpg20130411-204419.jpg20130411-204353.jpg20130411-204400.jpg

THIS dress.
THIS dress.
High waisted trousers should be worn whenever trousers are worn.
High waisted trousers should be worn whenever trousers are worn.
I want some brogues just like these...
I want some brogues just like these…

2 thoughts on “J is for January Jones”

  1. Wow, those trousers are nice. I agree I like her look ‘in character’ as well as her personal look. I hope you enjoy your class 🙂

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