L is for learning

It’s really hard to believe that it is almost two years since I finished university. I’m going to go ahead with the age-old cliché ‘it feels like yesterday’ that I was throwing my graduation cap in the air. Well, almost in the air. It was more like I dropped it really; it went a pathetic distance upwards before landing at my feet while everyone else’s were still souring above them. But anyway, two whole years have passed since I have done any formal learning.

I always knew I would want to do an evening course after university. I love learning new things and just generally enjoy education. Last week, I finally got around to it. I signed up to a fashion and sewing course (which I mentioned in my J blog post), and also a book sculpting class.

Putting a love of printed books to one side, it's not difficult to create art by hacking at some pages!
Putting a love of printed books to one side, it’s not difficult to create art by hacking at some pages!

Most of all this week I have enjoyed learning that skills you had always imagined were really difficult are actually far from it. Book sculpting, for instance, looks incredible, and there is a lot of artistic technique to the good stuff out there, but I decided to create a scene from The Night Circus and was really surprised what an hour with a scalpel and old book could do. (I was more surprised at how enjoyable it was to hack at old literature too, stabbing at words and unsuspecting pages like a mad man)

As well as all this, I learned how to play chess last night too! After finding a set in a charity shop for the bargain price of £1.25 I decided it was time I learned, especially as I would like to encourage the kids at school to pick up skills like this too. My boyfriend taught me the rules, and after figuring out that it’s mostly a case of remembering which piece can move where, I beat him and won my first ever game!

chessAll of this has been practical learning, but as cheesy as it’ll sound, I think it’s important to mention the amount of learning I have done in other aspects of life since university. I have learned a lot of independence from travelling, I’ve learned numerous things from friends and work, both good and bad, all of which have seen me move on to the next stages of my life. I’ve quite a lot about where I want to be in life too, which is probably the most important thing, seeing as a lack of focus can be incredibly stressful.

People often assume learning only comes with education, but we learn things every day of our lives. Whether it is something small like how much milk to add to make a great omelette, or something life changing, like what career path we want to go down, we are learning every day.

For now though, I am really enjoying learning new crafts and skills. What is your favourite thing that you have learned recently?


7 thoughts on “L is for learning”

    1. The books were all ex-library stock, so all being put to the best use they could hope for! I really know what you mean about the amount you learn. I’ve never owned so many books as I do now and never felt so inadequate!

      1. I’m afraid this Saturday is the only one. I’ll take some photos and write a post on how to do it if you like. It’s really easy and the class is more about giving you the space to do it in rather than instructing so you won’t miss out too much. Just buy yourself a scalpel and find some unwanted books to hack into!

      2. Oh I’d really appreciate that! Yeah I just saw on the website it was the only one, never mind! I shall raid the charity shop tomorrow for some books! I can’t wait to try it!

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