N is for (reading) nests

Today at work I had some furniture for the library delivered in the biggest cardboard boxes I’ve ever seen. So big you could comfortably put a chair inside and hide away for hours (which we obviously had to test out). A detention zone was another idea…

But when they were about to be taken away I couldn’t quite let them go. You never see boxes that big! And so I kept them. I now have four abnormally large boxes stood in the library, but in a few days’ time they will have been transformed into individual reading nests!

I’ve always loved the idea of nesting. As a child I absolutely adored making dens – the smaller and well-hidden the better. I’d get in with a book and stay there for hours. To be honest, I would still love to do this now, and so if I haven’t outgrown the idea at almost 25, then I’m sure 11 year olds would still love it too.

If all goes well my large boxes will each become a forest, a space rocket, a submarine and a country cottage. Hopefully they will inspire scenes from books, some writing exercises and much more, and keep the kids quiet in the mean time!

For inspiration though, I couldn’t resist dipping into Pinterest. Here are some more adult-suited reading nests I thought I’d share with you to inspire you to create your own little space at home:







7 thoughts on “N is for (reading) nests”

  1. This is great. I’m almost 30 and would still love a good reading nest. I currently have my favorite comfy chair, but it’s out in the middle of the living room, so hardly my own space. If my husband is watching TV, I have to go in search of some inferior spot.

  2. Great idea! I’m all for reading nests, but mine need doors. I need to feel completely enclosed in a space. But I used to create forts and tents or even hide in a closet just so I could read.

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