O is for Oh Comely magazine

‘Keep your curiosity sacred’ is what the front cover says. Pinterest in a magazine is what I say.

When I found Oh Comely sitting on a shelf in WH Smith in the train station, I was waiting for a friend on a delayed train and was wasting time until she arrived. I think it’s probably about the twentieth time I’ve done so in that branch of WH Smith, and the first time I’ve ever bought something.

The last time I bought a magazine must be close to ten years ago. I’m not ashamed to admit that I honestly didn’t think anything beyond glossy fashion pages, telling you what you MUST buy, and gossip pages about the curves and fake tan of people I had never heard of actually existed. From these, I turned to the Internet, and there I stayed. Until now. Now I have Oh Comely.


I love everything about this magazine: the handwritten fonts, the matte pages, the layout, the photography (oh, the photography!), and obviously the content too. It’s like someone took all the aspects of my personality and made a magazine for me. Only they forgot to tell me about it, so I unfortunately only discovered it at issue fourteen, but I’m catching up!

Travel, crafts, literature, food and fashion pieces which show off clothing beautifully yet so subtly you don’t even really notice that they are the feature, instead, you find yourself looking at a collection of art which happens to feature clothes you can buy. Oh, and random articles on Lego too. What kind of modern day, Pinterest-loving girl, who prides herself on travel and adventure, before coming home to nest in a space full of homemade crafts, would not be seen with this magazine?

As a teenager I used to neatly store away old copies of magazines for ‘just in case’, whatever that was. I couldn’t get rid of them, cut them up or take pages out to use as posters, and this has barely changed. But I have a feeling Oh Comely is going to change all that. Keeping all the pages within the cover would seem as pointless as keeping art in a gallery stockroom, and so I’m going to tear them out (carefully). The photography is going to make the walls of my crafts room appear like a studio of a working artist. Only it won’t be my art, but still, it will look good.

I’ll leave you with a few snippets of the content while I go and order my next copy.







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