Q is for quilting

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to think of a post for the letter q, but once quilting came to mind it seemed the natural choice. I briefly considered talking about the Queen, quietness, and Q from James Bond. I like quietness, but there’s not much more to say than that. So, quilting!

I started a plan for a quilt probably around six months ago. I carefully coloured in alternate squares on checked paper during a break between lectures one day, using a yellow highlighter and blue biro that I had with me, and maybe that’s what let me down, because I didn’t get much further than that in picturing it looking particularly good. Still though, I bought some fabric, including a summery mini floral print, and a pale blue gingham.

The trouble started when I also introduced patches from a shirt I had cut up and an old table cloth, neither of which provided as much fabric as the first two. I spent hours carefully laying out the patches on my living room floor, rearranging and doing my best to install some sort of pattern…and then my kitten came in. They weren’t exactly neatly arranged after that and have been in what my boyfriend and I call ‘the cupboard of doom’ ever since, where bills and other things go that we generally like to forget exist.

Thanks to the A-Z project though, I have come across some new blogs lately, and found these incredible quilts belonging to Twisty Stitches (I hope you don’t mind me sharing your pics but they’re fab!):



Pictures like this remind me I really need to get back into my own quilt, so I’m adding it my new list of summer projects to work on. Post some of your own ideas for quilt designs, I’d love to see more!


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