S is for sewing

This was an easy letter to choose a topic for! Since I started going to a sewing class a few weeks ago I seem to have got an idea for a new project every few days, and the nice thing is that now I’m sewing at a specified time each week, I’m actually beginning to get things done.

I think the trick to getting into sewing is to start with some projects that are super easy to complete – like the baby blanket I’ve designed and cut – and seeing some results really quickly that you’re proud of and will encourage you to try harder things.

When I started my sewing class I was asked about my ability, and as I got my best grades in Textiles at school and sixth form I had just assumed I would still have the skills I had learned back then. Except school was ten years ago, and aside from still having a like of sewing and design, it seemed I had forgotten how to actually do a lot of it and I’m learning things from scratch again. Plus, it reminded me how I always used to get a friend to thread the bobbin through the machine for me. Cheating in school apparently does come back to haunt you!

Bobbin threading skill now acquired however, I’m looking forward to getting into my Vivienne Westwood style dress (literally), putting up my bedroom curtains, making a worktop curtain for my kitchen, finishing off a friend’s birthday present and modifying some clothes I already own.

The most exciting project I think I have lined up though is Stitch. This is an after school club a teacher approached me about, joining the library and the Textiles department together. We have invited some keen and creative library users to design things like cushions, bunting and fabric wall hangings to kit out the library, and the best bit is they’re all going to be book themed!

I honestly can’t wait to get started on this, and I think I’m far more excited than the kids are!

Unfortunately I can’t post any photos yet as there isn’t much to photograph, but hopefully this time next week it will be different. Here’s a generally inspiring pic instead. Please let me know what your projects are too!


2 thoughts on “S is for sewing”

  1. Ooh I can’t wait to see your projects! I am currently mid-way through making three storage boxes, a pencil skirt, three bags and now James has asked me to make him a bow tie for the EOYB… I’ll be so glad when exams are over and I can finally get something finished for a change!

  2. Good luck with your projects. I used to sew all the kids clothes when they were little but they wouldn’t be seen in my home made clothes now! I would like to have time to get back into sewing again. Maybe when I retire?

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