T is for trust

When I see the news, hear of some small way someone has suffered at the hands of a corporation too big to challenge or generally get thinking about the lack of escape from the system that controls so many aspects of our lives, I find it depressing. Like, really so.

My letter T post is on trust because I had a quick thought just now on how many ways there are to cheat people for time, money and effort, yet we, as a majority, choose not to.


I ordered some products from Amazon lately which hadn’t arrived some time later, and so I contacted the seller to find out where they where. I got told my products had been posted but they would send out another order or refund if I didn’t receive them by the end of the week. It turns out my neighbour had taken them in for me while I’d been at work and took their time bringing them round, but anyway, I could have quite easily gotten a refund or twice as many things, purely because the company was willing to take my word for the products not arriving. Obviously my intention here is not to give out ideas on how to rip people off, and if that is what you are going to take from reading my blog, I politely ask you to reconsider!

But this was merely a quick ponder of humanity on a Friday evening, and a tiny reassurance that not all is bad, we’re not all out to get one another and people can make a fair and honest living doing things they like, making products and selling them online to strangers.

Happy Friday!




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