Cloth magazine gets wrung out

This week one of my favourite days of the month came. I went to work and found Cloth magazine awaiting me in my pigeon hole. I love scanning the magazine on my lunch break and discovering the ideas that lie within each issue, except this time I opened the cellophane to discover a slip of paper too.

It told me that Cloth magazine has ceased publication, and this, just a young issue number of 20, would be the final edition. I don’t want to get over emotional about a magazine but, no! Not Cloth. The magazine that has supplied me endless sewing, crafting and upcycling ideas will no longer build up a beautiful pile in my spare room.

As I’ve said before, I don’t really read magazines, and this is the first magazine I’ve routinely bought since I was a teenager and addicted to the non-food type of Sugar, and Mizz magazine.

I could go into a debate about the decline of print media, and how we, the consumers are to blame by finding everything online, but I won’t. Except to say that I don’t see a prevention to this. Online is cheaper and easier, and probably always will be. Print has become sentimental, but it needs something stronger to ensure it survives. Something stronger than advertising.

It’s just a shame really. I don’t know why Cloth has come to an end of its beautifully decorated pages and drawing its floral curtains to a close, but it is, and it makes me sad.

Go out and buy the last issue while you can, and order all the back copies you can. I’ll really be sad not to be receiving Cloth anymore, and just as sad that there isn’t a similar magazine out there that offers the same things.

The great thing is though, the small collection of the copies I do have will not become outdated quickly. There’s no mention of soap story lines or celebrity love stories to become washed out faster than you can read it, just good old advice, ideas, inspiration and prettiness, and I’ll be hanging into them for a long time, and going back to them again and again for new projects and to improve at ones I’ve already tried.


4 thoughts on “Cloth magazine gets wrung out”

    1. Lovely idea but I’m not sure I have the time, money or skills to make that work! I think you’d have to be pretty awesome and I’m only an amateur at everything sewing and writing related.

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