Finds of the week

Similar to the Guardian’s Buy of the Day, I thought I’d create my own little post on some awesome things I’ve found lately, and that could brighten up a weekend with a bit of indulgence.

The Sewing Bee book:

I bought this book not long after the TV show ended, but due to one thing or another (my memory, mostly), it has been sat on my bookshelf unread until now. Now, I’m not the sort of person to buy the Downton Abbey or X Factor book, but unlike them, this book’s content actually gives you projects to do related to the theme. There’s a few pages of sewing history, and after that it turns into one of the biggest sewing bargains you’ll find.

The book contains 28 projects, ranging from simple pajama trousers to shirts, skirts, summer dresses, curtains and bags. Not only do you get the instructions for these, but you also get the patterns. Free. Seriously, how great is that? Let’s say an average pattern costs around £7, that’s almost £200 worth of patterns right there, all in one book. Plus, you can download them as many times as you like, so if you want to make an item of clothing in more than one size there’s no problem.

It’s also a great beginners’ guide, telling you what you should stock a sewing toolkit with, how to set up a machine, and offers some troubleshooting on common problems too.

If you still need convincing, it’s only a tenner on Amazon at the minute. BUY IT NOW.

This fabric:

tidny-fabric__0146821_PE305816_S4While browsing the Ikea website tonight, I came across this fabric. The thumbnail didn’t really show me what it was but as soon as I clicked on it for a better look and saw the words ‘personalise with fabric markers’ I was sold. The fabric is essentially a giant colouring in sheet for grown ups. Alright, for children too, if you really want to share the fun. How cool would it be to make yourself (or your kids) a shirt out of this and then spend an afternoon colouring it in, however you like? I think the definition of one of a kind clothing has been found. I personally see myself going for a crazy medley of primary colours, just to make the kids at school think I’ve gone well and truly mad one Monday morning.

I’ll keep you posted with any more great finds I come across!


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